A MasterClass for 

Leaders In Transition

Whether going through or planning for a future transition, this class is for you.

Are You In or Planning On a Future Transition? 


Are you buying or selling a business, changing team members, changing your structure (perhaps going to fee for service)? This class will prepare you for any transition. 

Who Should Join


High Achievers in dentistry who are going through or planning on an upcoming transition. 

Creative Leaders who want a positive outcome for all. 

Courageous Leaders who are willing to be vulnerable with a commitment to action.

Small Individual Groups


With a max class size of 8 we can ensure enough time for individual attention and personalized benefits. 

Surround yourself with hard working and inspiring systems thinkers, leaders, and facilitators.

Embrace more difficult challenges in a group than you could alone.

A Year of Action-Oriented Classes to Ensure Transition Success.


Start 2022 off on the fast-track where you'll learn what works and why with nuanced tips and tricks required for a successful transition. With each MasterClass session you will be more focused and energized about the future. Your confidence will increase and it will be easier to embrace the complex problems that await.

The Monthly Topics


The one skill to set you up for success. We'e not going to tell you what this skill is (yet!) but each month we'll come back to this concept as we learn more and build our strengths. You'll work on and develop this skill throughout the entire year.


Viewing transitions as whole systems. We’re creating systems everyday, and often this is done unconsciously. The speed of our decision making is also increasing. Having a systems level perspective helps things go right.


Developing curiosity into a super power. We'll practice asking helpful questions and avoiding judgement. We'll learn how to truthfully ask: What do we know? and dive deeper into: What do we really know?


No rigid plan ever works perfectly. Fortunately, we can build adaptive strategies and reframe our path to find flowWe’ll look towards the adjacent future with what we know now to modify to something new.


Leadership is letting go and opening up. Transitions are difficult and we'll learn to honor the difficulty with tips and tricks to avoid all the negative consequences. 


Collaboration is a skill. We'll discuss the nuances of how to create a decision tree with a group, map out a plan, and implement a course of action.


Paying attention to what matters (and why). Every day we shape our lives. Every conversation has an effect. Each moment of interaction is a chance to positively impact the future and our path into it.


Time for reflection. Each of us will have personalized writing and journalling to do while we take a short summer break from online learning. 


When intuition fails us (and what to do instead). Snap decisions are often when you loose awareness and end up sabotaging the bigger picture. We'll examine letting go of fear and reaching for control as a way of trying to find safety.


How to create financial values (money matters). We'll dive deep into how you use money as a guide to decide if decision making is successful. We'll also discuss the financial parameters (not just the outcome) that describe a successful process. We'll create a financial model that will support everybody in the practice along with the patients.


Creating a timeline for a successful implementation. There is a discipline in creating helpful timelines. We'll discuss the keys to implementation and tips on how to create a flexible step-by-step action plan.


Putting it all together. All the skills learned in the previous months will culminate here. This will be our chance to tie it all together and to ask any nuanced questions.

Tailored to your needs

The first half of the month we will explore monthly topics with an hour of recorded content. Then we will use the second half of the month for a live call to discuss your specific questions and show how we can effectively apply new learning to your unique challenges.

A New Year, A New Start


No matter the details of your transition, big or small, this class will help you guide you through successful navigation of a transition. 

Instead of feeling stuck you'll have a mentor and trusted group to guide you in the right direction.

In this MasterClass you'll be able to ask questions, dive deeper into your own values, and come out with a congruent path forward.

Each Month Will Include Personal Actions You Can Take

During the first half of the month Joan will present 5 concepts and ideas related to the months theme. This content will be recorded so you can watch at your own pace at your own time. 

Joan will discuss the importance of each topic and note possible pitfalls to avoid. You'll also hear multiple case studies so you can see the concepts in action.

The second half of the month will include a live call dedicated to diving deeper and going into the specifics and nuances of the months theme. There will be focus will be on how to achieve a successful transition by also looking at the challenges and pitfalls to overcome.

Let's Talk About Money


All decisions have a financial impact. Whether we're conscious of it or not, the financial impact will have an influence over the state of the practice.

In addition to being October's main theme, the topic of money will be woven into all our conversations. You'll be looking at making decisions that you want to test out against your financial plan.

We'll continually ask "what is the real cost?" We'll also learn to identify and track the hidden costs of our decisions.

The savings in money from identifying these hidden costs alone will be far greater than the cost of this MasterClass. 

Hosted by Joan, a Seriously Skilled Facilitator


Together, we can benefit from my 30+ yeas experience consulting with small businesses during transitions, big and small.

We can weave together the concepts of leadership development, applied social psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology and combine all this learning together to make the best choices.

During these sessions, I will help form actionable insights, share useful tips, and shine focus on personalized growth opportunities and concrete (yet fluid) development plans.

Additional MasterClass Benefits

  • Personal support & feedback, from Joan and the group
  • 1-1 follow-ups via phone and email with Joan
  • Ability to further clarify your personal and business values
  • Help creating a concrete transition plan for your business
  • Individualized tips, guidance, and support
  • Going further than being "adaptable" to change -- instead, becoming able to shape the future
  • Gain valuable facilitation skills to solve complex problems
  • Access the tools you need to for a successful business
  • Direct feedback to your most pressing questions

First Session Starting In January 2022

The first group meeting will be in the second half of January where we'll dive into the most important topic of transitions.

Pay Monthly


Pay in 12 equal installments


Pay in Full


Pay in 1 installment



Get On The Transition Fast Track

This Transition MasterClass will be the most cost effective way to learn the skills and make the connections that will allow you to create a successful transition. I invite you to become part of a collaborative team that will launch you through any transition and into the future.

CALL JOAN: (509) 387-0396

First Session Starting In January 2022

The first group meeting will be in the second half of January where we'll dive into the most important topic of transitions.

Pay Monthly


Pay in 12 equal installments


Pay in Full


Pay in 1 installment