A Future-Focused Mastermind for 

Courageous Open Hearted Leaders

With each Mastermind Call you will be more focused and energized about the future. Your confidence will increase and it will be easier to embrace complex problems.

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Think of Masterminds as Rocket Fuel

Accomplish your goals faster: get out of our own head, collaborate with others, and get feedback about what works. 

Masterminds are an encouraging place to become inspired and try on new ideas. You'll get tips from others who have tried similar things. You'll instantly expand your network of who you can reach out to. You'll hear stories of other practices that you can distill to tips and tricks that will help you succeed. 

Joining a Mastermind will launch you into a positive future where you can get immediate insights from your peers that would otherwise take years (if not decades) to develop on your own. 

Open Mindset

Lean into the challenges as you open to possibility.

Leadership Skills

Create a sustainable model for success.

Facilitation Skills

Increase your influence and deepen your relationships.

Positive Change

Drive towards your preferred future with new energy.

Why Join A Mastermind?


Your Friends and Family Don't Understand

Unless your spouse or best friend works in dentistry too, then the people closest to you just aren’t going to fully understand the complexity of the challenges you face on a regular basis. Having a small group of people who experience similar challenges provides compassionate camaraderie and guidance.

Sometimes You Don't Understand Either

Have you ever wondered, "Why isn't this working?" Or "How can I fix this?" Or wanted to call Joan in the middle of the night? In stressful times when these questions become extra challenging it's helpful to have an outside perspective.

With Joan as your Mastermind host, with over 30 years of facilitation and consulting experience, and a trusted group of self-motivated small business leaders to guide you, the answers to your questions become readily available.

Through active introspection we will pinpoint potential blindspots as you work towards your goals. This will help create positive momentum and allow you to move more gracefully into the future.

With the support of a Mastermind team dedicated to understanding you and your goals, you'll be able to dive deeper into your core values and become more and more grounded and ready to meet any challenge.

You Can't Know Everything (And That's Okay)

Operating a dental practice involves overcoming technical, emotional, and business challenges on a regular basis. When the challenges increase in complexity, collaboration enables us to create solutions better than any one of us would create alone.

Don't waste time and energy on things that aren't effective, or worse, are counter-productive to your goals. There's no need to keep spinning the wheels in your head, alone. 

Through consistent, frequent collaboration with a trusted group of peer advisers, you can get instant feedback, and be propelled on a positive trajectory.

Your mastermind group is committed to listening and learning with you. They will help you keep going on the hard days, celebrate with you on the good days, and support you on every step in-between.

Become Resilient as You Shape your Preferred Future.

Stop feeling like you're just putting out fires. No matter what obstacle comes your way, big or small, using facilitation skills is the most effective way to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Together, we’ll find solutions that create positive and sustainable change.

Hosted by Joan, a Seriously Skilled Facilitator

In many ways my 30+ years of experience has been culminating to this moment. Together, we can benefit from my background in consulting with small businesses.

We can weave together the concepts of leadership development, applied social psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology and combine all this learning together to become stronger leaders.

By modeling and holding the space, I can help form actionable insights, helpful tips, personalized growth and concrete (yet fluid) development plans.

No Challenge Is Too Big When You Have A Great Team.

Instead of feeling stuck you can have a trusted group to guide you in the right direction.

In this Mastermind you'll be able to ask questions, dive deeper into your own values, and come out with a congruent path forward.

Next Session Starting In September 2020

The first group meeting will be in the second half of September as a Meet and Great. Twice monthly Masterminds will officially start in October.

Who Should Join


High Achievers in dentistry who are looking for something more than the status-quo. 

Creative Leaders and continuous learners who are committed to whole health.

Courageous Leaders who are willing to be vulnerable with a commitment to action.

Small Individual Groups


Mastermind Groups are 4-8 people. This ensures enough time for individual attention and personalized benefits. 

Surround yourself with hard working and inspiring systems thinkers, leaders, and facilitators.

Embrace more difficult challenges in a group than you could alone.

Additional Mastermind Benefits

  • Personal support & feedback, from Joan and the group
  • 1-1 follow-ups via phone and email with Joan
  • Ability to further clarify your personal and business values
  • Help creating a concrete action plan for your business
  • Individualized tips, guidance, and support
  • Going further than being "adaptable" to change -- instead, becoming able to shape the future
  • Gain valuable facilitation skills to solve complex problems
  • Access the tools you need to for a successful business
  • Direct feedback to your most pressing questions

Join Us

Masterminds are the most cost effective way to learn the skills and make the connections that will allow you to adapt in a quickly changing world. I invite you to become part of a collaborative team that will launch you into the future.

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